iGuzzini Illuminazione HQ Barcelona

  • 2013 WAN Awards Façade - Finalist
  • 2013 Architizer A+ Awards -  Winner
  • 2012 Catalunya Construcció -  Selected
  • 2012 WAF World Architecture Awards - Shortlisted
  • 2011 Building of the year Archdaily - Winner
  • 2011 Work of the Year Plataforma Arquitectura - Finalist

Il Cielo iGuzzini does not belong to the ground on which it sits. Like a balloon, Leonidov’s aerostat, it will attempt to escape from this world, seeking a new sky. It will describe the conditions of the light, natural and artificial, in its interior, it will refer to its origins, recognizing a geometric order, but above all it will want to speak to us of aspirations. Moored to the ground, it belongs to this place, and to all other places. In reality there are forms that can only be drawn once, buildings that can only be built once. The second time is a replica. We believe in this opportunity for iGuzzini. Because this form, imperfect, slightly deformed, belongs to the world of iGuzzini; its identification is easy, and not everyone can, with authority, appropriate this profile, this geometry. A light, a big world, a big atrium around a shared central court... where the sense of belonging is proudly made explicit. Il Cielo iGuzzini does not seek to boast of explicit technological innovation, since that would soon date it as new technologies rapidly superseded its own content. But it does seek to be an example of current development towards well understood sustainability in both technological and energy terms. 

01/13 - iGuzzini Illuminazione HQ Barcelona