Our designs and strategies always include recurring issues such as spatial context, built density, flexibility, mixed-use, phasing and transformability, which we regard as prerequisites for any sustainable approach. In order to develop tailor-made designs and strategies for a given project brief, we follow an integrative and research-based method, that reacts to the specific spatial, social, cultural, ecological and economical parameters of a given site.
This integrative approach usually departs from a quantitative and qualitative analysis and visualization of various aspects of a site, such as urban space, infrastructure, transport, open space, population, densities, programme, nature, heritage, historic development, ecology, and climate. These parameters reveal the diverse qualities and potentials of the site. From there we evaluate various design options that result in a hybrid and complete design solution.


  • Quality of construction and surroundings as a contribution to the quality of life
  • Ecology and energy saving are fundamental goals
  • Equally excellence of design, successful execution and expert management as the keys for good architecture
  • Urban planning, landscape, architecture and product design with the same philosophy and spirit
  • Combines professional practice with academic activity all over the world
  • Pioneering design solution from a technological and ecological point of view