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GRN/Fontanals/Golf club

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Technical details (PDF)

  • Architect Josep Miàs
  • Site Fontanals de Cerdanya, Girona
  • Client Private
  • Type Sport equipment
  • Project 2000. Competition: First prize.
  • Construction 2004
  • Area 2500 m²
  • Budget <3M€

The building doesn’t make head to the topography, but interprets it has a possibility of integration in the landscape. It belongs to the site thanks to the use of materials and construction techniques, thanks to camouflage and topography.
These conditions may drag in the interior some qualities of the environment to use them and vice versa: the project insists in the integration with the surroundings by subordinating the built to the topographic, climatic, setting conditions and employing traditional materials, constructive techniques and people.
Our projects develop those setting conditions: these animals may have the possibility to disguise themselves and disappear as we had to discover them playing on the light, the land, the existent vegetation, the view, the accesses… adapting, moving until finding the correct position.

Project team

Architect: Josep Miàs

Collaborators: Marta Cases, Joan Poca, Orlando Melo, Horacio Arias, Marco Chirdel, Alejandra Vázquez, Thomas Stellmach, Inés Moreira, José Ulloa, Solange Delanais, Julie Nicaise, Lara Lupi


· 2011 Building of the Year Archdaily - Selected
· 2011 Work of the Year Plataforma Arquitectura - Selected
· 2004 AJAC Prize, Built project - First Prize
· 2004 FAD Prize - Selected
· 2003 Girona Area Architectural Awards - Finalist


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Engineering (PROISOTEC, Josep Masachs), structure (Miquel Llorens, Josep Bellés), Technical Advisor (Alfonso Cerdá)


Marcela Grassi, Duccio Malagamba, Toni Cumella, Adrià Goula

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