VIP Lounges – Palau Sant Jordi

Palau Sant Jordi designed for the 1992 Olympics, by Arata Isozaki, have evolved and changed its skin into multiple, different and variable faces during the last two decades. From U2, or Bruce Springsteen to the Rolling Stones have gone through its rooms, scenarios and walls. The VIP lounges are conceived inside those walls. They are thought as capsules built into the geometry of Palau Sant Jordi. A new space grown and built into an existing one. The existing spaces where 3D bounded and modeled to fit the new lounge capsules. Made of steel and light every panel of the lounges was 3D designed and parameterized with different patterns of texture, perforation and light. The 418 different panels were separately laser cut and manufactured using the very new technologies without increasing the cost and time of production. The capsules shape a new atmosphere for its events. A new space that can fit the multiple events happening in the Palau at the same time it takes the visitors to a completely different kind of dimension. It is a space travel through sensations and feelings. The VIP lounges represent the new experience that completes and accompanies the tours of the great stars.

01/37 - VIP Lounges – Palau Sant Jordi