Tibidabo Welcome Square

The Tibidabo Welcome Square is the new introduction to the core elements and philosophy of the attraction park itself. Solidarity, sustainability and education at its core, the new square opens up towards a beautiful view over the city, inviting visitors of all generations to contemplate over the panoramic view of Barcelona. This new modern, yet playful welcome square has been branded by the vertical garden mantling the welcome building itself. Hosting not only the administrative facilities, the welcome building now turns into one of Barcelona’s biggest insect Hotels turning the amusement park into an inter-species attraction. The facade makes reference to the park surrounding the Tibidabo, limiting visual pollution by blending in with the natural surroundings. Now hosting one of Barcelonas biggest Insect hotels, the façade is a strong statement about the facing threats of environmental challenges faced in cities. In addition to the square, MiAS Architects provided designs for Margarithe shaped parasols spread out over the square. Chairs and benches each of individual shape are gathered around as if providing family portraits of geometric shapes and colors. The combination underlines the simple yet joyful design of the park. As direct response to the latest threat of climate change, the Tibidabo turns into an architectural introduction of different design languages of the future.

01/24 - Tibidabo Welcome Square