Skylight Sport Centre

The new High Performance Centre, part of the old military South Radio building, is formed by grouping different buildings underground, creating a new topography. Skylight, with no impact on the environment, maintains the historic skyline of Port d’Envalira and subtly incorporates some new spaces of light. The proposal is organized based on the number of buried buildings. The actual South Radio serves as the main entrance and holds the sports centre. The new buried buildings are dedicated to the athletes’ hotel, the underground parking, basement, the common services and the spa and water centre. Each of the new projects is headed by a great window or skylight that gives light and views to the stunning landscape of the surroundings. The various buildings communicate with each other so that the experience of the centre goes from skylight to skylight, ensuring that all areas enjoy natural light during daytime. At night the courtyards act as fireflies. Each court has its own personality. The courtyards will be spaces of relationship between the athletes, art and relaxation, or enjoyment. Those are public spaces but they can be adapted as required and providing greater flexibility to the centre and it can be adapted to the necessities of it. This condition of underground living spaces suggests a building that produces the energy that it needs. With an easy maintenance and low consumption, it achieves a great energy saving. Apart from the energy factor, the building is understood as a new topography that joins the  actual landscape, being fully integrated into the environment, and therefore minimizing the impact of the new construction in the environment, as well as enhancing the historical importance of the building of South Radio.

01/24 - Skylight Sport Centre