Plug-in Building Barcelona

  • 2014 First Catalan Architecture Awards  2008  / 2011  - Winner
  • 2014 ENOR Architectural Awards - Selected
  • 2011 Building of the Year Archdaily - Selected
  • 2011 Work of the Year Plataforma Arquitectura - Selected

The aim of the project is to rebuild from the old parcellation rules, following a geometry that obeys to Pere IV Street orientation. The building organizes itself from an optimal distance between blocks locating a series offices. The results are the three main buildings crossing from Pujades Street to Pere IV. Through the elevations of the building transversal secondary streets appear between the three structures, as if they were passages illuminating the interior spaces of the offices. Consequently, the volumetry presents some doubts about its alignment with the passage or the street-courtyard and in relation to the existing industrial building in Pamplona Street. That’s the reason why the building reacts and overflies the old construction on the upper floors. The spatial complexity is broken in a middle point between the main streets. A transversal axe provides a vertical access with stairs, elevators and vertical pipe and metallic duct installations. Each one of the six entities composed into the building is embraced by diagonals or steel crosses stabilizing it. The perimeter is defined by three main façades: a façade to the street, with two non-conventional pillars, shaped one by one with four thick sheets of iron; a conventional façade with intermediate pillars and a façade to the pedestrian passage where the structure hangs out from the superior floor in order to leave free the ground level for pedestrian use.

01/13 - Plug-in Building Barcelona