Playground Headquarter

Playground Headquarters

  • Date 2017
  • Client Private
  • Location Barcelona, Spain
  • Surface 5.000m2
  • Status International Competition - Shortlisted

The building is a garage, an industrial building with the scale of a public building. It has a reinforced concrete structure that allows spacious internal spaces and creates an industrial and infrastructural vibe. The proposal starts from the building’s initial state, recovering the skeleton of concrete structures and bringing it to light without the existing skin. The only interventions to the structural grid will be those of creating two square patios (that give access and light to the different levels) and opening a perimeter skylight at the street level to give light to the lover underground floor. The building is treated as a public space. The city continues inside the walls to allow a permeable and flexible urban space. The spaces for the Playground offices, co-working and campus are clearly defined to allow the plan to function in an organized and effective manner. The building is still designed to be transparent and visually connected, thus the division mechanisms for the offices will be industrials and large, similar to large curtains or rolling shutters, always following the modulation of the structural grid. The spaces ‘in-between’ the offices are given temporarily to the city. A new event space is left on the lower floor and a public garden/orchard is designed on the terrace. All the public spaces will become covered streets with bars, restaurants and the existing ramp becomes a focal space for relaxation, connection and leisure with bars and event spaces We want Playground to be able to work both inside and outside, so the enclosure is delayed with respect to the facade plane leaving some domestic garden terrace spaces.

01/37 - Playground Headquarter