Palafolls Footbridge

The location can be divided in three main areas: a lower area where the bridge begins (an industrial zone where a tree-lined walk will be built), B-682 road (20 metres wide) and Sant Lluís neighbourhood (which will be built soon). The footbridge is formed by a 168-metre long continuous ramp, and has three different sections according to the three areas. The first section is 100 metres long and is oriented as the 5th street of the industrial zone. In this part, the ramp is interrupted by some landings and reaches 20,5 metre height above sea level. The highest landing is connected to the green protection area of the road by stairs. The second section is a bridge of 36 metres, of curved trace and flying structure above the road. Here, the ramp has de widest section and can be used as a viewpoint. The third section is a ramp divided by three landings which connect the flying area with the street of the 8th and 9th sector of Sant Lluís neighbourhood, and has a total length of 32 metres.

01/37 - Palafolls Footbridge