Nou Camp Nou – FCBarcelona

  • International Competition, Finalist
Camp Nou is the iconic club stadium of world football; it is a living, breathing expression of so many aspects of Catalan culture and society. Our creative response to the brief was to ensure that the vibrancy of match day was not hidden behind a new enveloping façade and roof. We designed a connected, permeable stadium, which imagined a seamless experience between inside and outside. By day the many layers of the building gave visual references to the stadium’s history, whilst providing new opportunities for visitors to spend time within the stadium, giving fans new perspectives of the immediate surroundings and the whole city.

As with the renovations in 1957 and 1982, our design represented its own moment in time and provided the framework for the continued growth of the club in the future. Our solution respected and elevated the past, ensuring that the history of the club remained visibly embodied in the expressed architecture of the building, whilst the new expansion articulated the principles which bind socios together, and provided a new canvas for future technology and the demands of global expression.

The design is a visual expression of the club and the city’s cultural identity. A composition of many small, dependent pieces, which combine to create a composition greater than the sum of its parts, an architectural representation of the collective human effort to create the “castells” of Catalonia.

Creativity and innovation underpins the life of Barcelona and its people. It was essential to us that these approaches represented themselves in the new language of the stadium. Throughout the design there is a play between materiality and light, colour and texture, opacity and transparency.

01/24 - Nou Camp Nou – FCBarcelona