Llavaneres Topographic House

  • 2011 Building of the Year Archdaily - Selected
  • 2011 Work of the Year Plataforma Arquitectura - Selected

The house lays along its longitudinal axis: the view on the landscape, towards the sea, is —again— one of the most important values for the project, which unfolds itself and gets mixed with topography. The building is horizontal, elongated, sinuous, catching the landscape, moving delicately in order to obtain the best views, without shutting spaces. The project begins from the topographical understanding of the place. By re-drawing the countour lines, possible spaces to occupy appear, from the underground parking to the hanging planes of the studio. These curves, rising from the concrete retaining walls, lose weight, but still get visible and construct spaces through long overlaid metal beams. When beams are coincident, they build the horizontal structure, and through them, light allow to have a complete topographical perception. Curves flow all along the site, and get blurred in its limits. They get blended with topography. This house will be like a great window to frame the place, the sea and the village: a thin panoramic space where a more built arquitecture can be seen above, the studio. It has the most privileged views and it occupies the upper zone of the house. This big ‘skeleton’ is coated of zinc, a very fabric-like material, that can be used in such zigzag shapes, on the stone areas and on walls which surround other spaces of the house.

01/09 - Llavaneres Topographic House