La Plana Market

  •  International Competition - Winner

The study and design of the Can Vidalet Market is carried out in order to prioritize the criteria of energy efficiency and low consumption of the facilities. It is intended to meet the requirements for NEED 0 ENERGY BUILDING. The park allows for air circulation and tempering through vegetation. The vertical facades will be covered by a vertical garden, increasing the equalizing effect. Landscaped roofs add great thermal inertia while the solar panels harvest the necessary energy. Hereby the building achieves high performance climatization, heat recovery, efficient lighting installations and the use of rainwater. Photovoltaic energy, thermal solar energy, geothermal energy and heat pump are the main systems of autonomous energy efficiency.  Nou Mercat in Can Vidalet will be the new central architectural element of the neighborhood, defining its modern and innovative character. Its sustainable and living facades invite the city to imagine a new path into a future based on architectural innovation and transformation.  The three facades of this market will create a response to the local nature and insects, by freeing its space to be inhabited by the endangered insects of the region. By combining glass walls with the vertical garden element, a natural system enhances lightning and acclimatization of the building. Three entries on each corner of the triangular shaped building forge a transparent open ambient underlining the simple accessibility to the market and its restaurants on the first floor. The main entrance leading to a public space additionally hosts the Supermarket Lidel on the ground floor, giving access to the first floor by electric stairs.

01/24 - La Plana Market