Kinmen Passenger Service Centre

Kinmen is a park on the sea, a garden on the seashore, where plants and trees build the landscape of the island, live formations that evolve and grow naturally. The natural character of the place is integrated in the project as if it was an extension of Kinmen itself. As the island was formed, the whole complex of Kinmen Port is horizontal, with slight topographic differences to respect the profile and scale of the territory, overlaid with a set of umbrellas located all over the area, creating shelter for buildings or shade for the park. The umbrellas roof landscape will become the most representative image of the project. The sea park is like a house garden that welcomes visitors discovering the very identity of the island through its plants, birds and ponds. It is also a reference for locals, who can enjoy outdoor space for sport and leisure activities. In such a particular context, the project should be considered in a global way: there is no real boundary between architecture and landscape; buildings are part of the complex park as a system, or a constellation of elements. All the buildings have been integrated in the project, becoming part of a continuous green pergola where plants can grow, rich in space and landscape diversity, becoming a new landmark for the present and future Kinmen and thus, Taiwan. The Passenger Service Centre is, ultimately, a big roof that hoovers over the park. It is a grand pergola that frames the horizon and the sea, filtering sunlight to achieve complete illumination control, while letting natural light reach all the areas through skylights. The roof dimension respects the proportion and scale of the place. The pergola is formed by five big umbrellas. Each one is built from three different items: the central pillar, twelve longitudinal trusses, and the circular two-layered cover built in wood. Linear elements have been specifically calculated and designed to reach the strictest structural standards and the clearest and quickest construction process. Below these five umbrellas, the horizontal divisions belong to the floor: slabs stand on circular capital concrete pillars, which likely resemble umbrellas.

01/37 - Kinmen Passenger Service Centre