Marmomacc – Intra Pavilion

Exhibition at the Main Hall in Marmomacc XIV - Stone Internatonal Trade Fair Finalist architects: Aires Mateus, Souto de Moura, Benedetta Tagliabue, Josep Miàs.

It’s about building a small part of the quarry, the place where the dialogue between man and nature begins. This dialogue is developed in two directions or actions, excavating and cutting out. Two words which set an incredible constellation of conversations, of formal possibilities.

Assuming the L space given, we introduce in the original volume the geometry which relates best to the original quarry.

The main argument is therefore the original context of any elaborated stone piece, manufactured by excavation and cut. The pavilion will describe these actions by making visible the infinite possibilities that remain in the stone block.

We propose showing the final objects in this exhibition, but also the various possibilities still latent which the stone industry can offer in the future. The pavilion exhausts the possibilities of excavating and cutting the stone, showing the origin and the end of their processes. However, the pavilion insists in what is still hidden in the stone. And it invites you to discover your own essence.

01/05 - Marmomacc – Intra Pavilion