Herta Frankel Puppet Theatre

The historical building of Tibidabo Amusement Park has been occupied for years with different uses, having a  very subdivided architecture, which hid the real complete space. Our intervention proposed the recovery of the whole original space, covered with cast iron pillars and lattice beams, and making it compatible with the incorporation of new spaces for public use. The new uses for this building consists in a new puppet theatre, a hall for parties, a new souvenir shop, and an auditorium, as well as new access to other attractions. We have let the historical building breathe, released from all of its partitionings, dropped ceilings and added pavements. Some great marine animals incorporate the uses, defining new habitable spaces, and silently occupying the big free space. These animals have been built slowly, from their first skeleton, still visible in some of them as they were the interior of Moby Dick, to their papier-mâché coverage, as we would do for puppets. This is a submarine landscape or, simply, an invented place whose references are not in the real world, but in the world of dreams, their inhabitants’ dreams: children.

01/37 - Herta Frankel Puppet Theatre