Herta Frankel Puppet Theatre

The historical building of Tibidabo Amusement Park, a subdivided architecture hiding the volume and possibilities of its own space, has been occupied with different uses for years. Our intervention proposed the recovery of the original space, which was found covered with cast iron pillars and lattice beams, to provide the compatible incorporation of new spaces for public use. To be included was the Herta Frankel Puppet Theater, a celebration hall, a new souvenir sho, and auditorium and access to further attractions in the park. By relieving the building from its crowded partitioning, the lowered ceilings and added pavements, new spaces opened up allowing an insight to a new completely new usage and understanding of the building itself.  Inspired by the sea close to the park, the vision of marine animals started to project itself upon the habitable spaces and walls silently. They incorporated themselves slowly, in parts still showing the skeleton, like in the interior belly of Moby Dick. Their papier-mâché coverage creates a visual link to the puppets animating the Herta Frankel Theater. This way the Building turned into a dreamy voyage into the landscapes of invented, surreal yet present architecture. The different elements and colors leave the visitor no matter weather young or old, slightly suspended within time and space. This is a submarine landscape or, simply, an invented place whose references are not in the real world, but in the world of dreams, their inhabitants’ dreams: children.

01/24 - Herta Frankel Puppet Theatre