Funicular to the Tibidabo

In Collaboratino with Leitner

The aim of the project is to designs a train improving operations and the user confortability, incorporating updates for the security system and providing an easier maintenance. The speed of the funicular will increase up to 10 meters per second, which it will allow more trips per hour and increase the passenger capacity from the current 120 to 252 seats. The duration of the trip will be approximately 3 minutes at maximum speed. With the refurbishment, the funicular will be called “Cuca de Llum”, and it will be integrated into the Park as if it were just another attraction. In this sense, the design of the funicular will be completely renovated and personalized. It will substantially improve the user experience, who now will be able to interact with the attraction. The interior of the funicular will be liberalized, opening up to larger area and a diaphanous space offering a greater internal visual permeability. The attraction will furthermore allow travelers to enjoy even more, panoramic views during the trip through the large windows. The panoramic view will be one of the ways to enjoy the new attraction during the trip, as well as several touch screens and electronic tablets installed in the train provided with didactic and entertainment function in relation to the train. Travelers will know how funiculars are made, their history, as well as the park one. They will be able to watch interactive videos and play through the tablets, enjoying a complete educational experience around the Funicular and the Tibidabo Theme Park.

01/24 - Funicular to the Tibidabo