The project focuses on the attraction of the witch Bruixes and Buixots at the Tibidabo park in Barcelona. The design will bring kids and adults through the mountain discovering the “magical” and fun new world of the witches that inhabit the caves. The project is a new design that re-organizes the rout into the magical world of witches, bats, elves and ferries.

The project is based on projections and virtual items. It keeps the guardian of the attraction, already known by users of the park, as Buri Buri. The Embruixabruixes take us into an imaginary world with unlimited use of the latest technology of the moment: holograms, virtual environments, mapping, LEDs and retro-projections, among others. 

Virtual, visual elements, projections mixed with the traditional structure of the parks attraction introduce the Buri Buri roller coaster into a new age, a new era. Values such as solidarity, education and sustainability enhance the pedagogical yet entertaining spirit of the attraction. New technologies present the audience the spells that witches, wizards and fairies prepare for their every day magic. It opens an underground world, where all generations can explore the existence of magical beings working day and night, jinxing the daily life of the humans in the city close by. While traveling through the depth of the mountain, the visitors are encouraged to discover their own magic while being immersed with the impulses latest technology implied into the architectonical concept.


01/24 - Embruixabruixes