Caselles Promenade House

  • 2006 Girona Area Architectural Awards - Selected

This house occupies a plot in a housing development called Caselles d’Avall, located in the municipality of Porqueres, between Banyoles to Besalú. It is a small-sized plot, in a very steeply terrain. Oriented to North-East, it is exposed to stunning views from the Martís Plain in the foreground, to Torroella’s castle with the sea in the background, even allowing a peak onto Banyoles’ Pond. The house enclosure is made of perforated metallic dark yellow sheets to protect it from the street views. The building tries to unfold itself in order to cover the entire plot. We began the project drawing lines all over the surface, from the street to the last border of the plot, from one corner to the other, retracing all the contour lines and trying to retain this topography discovering its unique qualities. The first contention walls appear, and between them, the first voluminous spaces occupying parts of the excavated space. Further spaces facing backwards to the street, are closing up the more private section of the building that overlooks the landscape. The main volume space will be shared by the whole family, is centrally located and surrounded by the common spaces such as the kitchen, the dining and living rooms. In the upper level there is the library and the studio, linked to the landscape through big horizontal windows.

01/09 - Caselles Promenade House