Nebula – CaixaForum Valencia

  • The new Caixa Forum must be a building than embodies  the Agora main building of Santiago Calatrava and the new building. The dialogue between both part must be natural, enhancing the qualities of the Agora building, a large public and monumental space, as a main hall of the new Caixa Forum. The volume and surface required in the program, placed into the empty space of the Agora building, would be excessive, suppressing the building. It is because of this, we decide to  divide the program in  two parts: an underground space for the auditorium and services, and another one, high rised, breaking free the horizontal surface of the building Agora, allowing an optimal volume and spatial relationship with the existing building. We propose to use the existing space as a large garden hall of the new Caixa Forum, a public space where we can appreciate the interior of the Agora building as well as the new building, suspended in the air, without compromising the existing horizontal plane. The auditorium will therefore be underground, operating autonomously, using the Agora hall space if required. The exhibition halls and offices will be gravitating in the interior space of the Agora without compromising this space. This aerial condition of the exhibition building assumes the  qualities of changing, ephemeral, innovative, free space, as it is in fact the same art. The suspended volumes respond exactly to the program, in order to be fully functional and practical. A semitransparent skin is in charge of the relation between the Agora space and the  building, a textile cloud as an oval shape. We believe, it is important to highlight this program fragmentation in two buildings, the underground one and the floating one, in order to understand the space of the Agora building, its occupation, where there is no one without the other,  interrelated, they need each other. It is also a way for the Agora building to emphasize its capacity of public space, garden, lobby: a city.

01/24 - Nebula – CaixaForum Valencia