Besalú Butterfly House

The house is divided in day area and night area, both connected through a corridor, where rooms, suites and toilets are found. The night area is located in the north wing, while the day area is oriented towards south. Thus, a better terrain adaptation is achieved with the smallest topographical impact and a maximum of sunlight in the day area.
The structure is mixed. Structural walls are used as well as reinforced concrete and steel pillars where necessary. Regarding to the underground floor, it is built with contention walls made of reinforced concrete.
The building has the maximum size of the façade which is exposed to South with the aim to achieve light radiation for the maximum time possible and rapid crossed ventilation. With this criteria, together with a respectful implantation will on the pre-existing topography. The views from the interior are of two types, a big window with different openings for the dining room and the leaving room which allows an interior-exterior communication. There are also windows for other rooms, which will have different dimensions according to their functional criteria.

01/37 - Besalú Butterfly House