Besalú Butterfly House

Connected through a corridor, the house is divided in day area and night area where rooms, suites and toilets are found. Following the natural light flow, the night area is located in the north wing, while the day area is oriented towards south. The fragmentation of the building was the solution to an organic adaptation of the building to its terrain with its mixed structure. Both structural walls as well as reinforced concrete and steel pillars where necessary to provide the sable ground of the building. The underground floor is built with contention walls reinforced with concrete. The building has the maximum size of the façade which is exposed to South with the aim to achieve light radiation for the maximum time possible and rapid crossed ventilation. The views from the interior are fragmented in two different programs. A big window with different openings for the dining room additionally opens up a interior-exterior communication with the living room. Different dimensions according to the functional criteria turned each window into a unique and differently shaped perceptive experience.


01/09 - Besalú Butterfly House