Banyoles old town public space

  • 2015 2nd AADIPA Award - Finalist
  • 2015 Taipei International Design Award - Finalist
  • 2014 Piranesi Prix de Rome - Finalist
  • 2013 Taipei International Design Award - Finalist
  • 2013 International Stone Architecture Awards - Winner
  • 2011 Work of the Year Plataforma Arquitectura - Selected
  • 2010 FAD Awards - Finalist
  • 2009 Catalonia Construction Award - Winner
  • 2008 CCCB European Public Space Prize - Finalist
  • 2008 5th Landscape European Prize - Rosa Barba - Finalist
  • 2008 5th Urban Public Spaces European Prize - Finalist
  • 2007 Girona Area Architectural Awards - Winner

Banyoles’ old town used to be a deteriorated area in which vehicles and pedestrians cohabitated around a urban system of narrow streets and old sidewalks. The irrigation canals that originally were clean had become part of the sewer system of the city. Around the Central Square, sidewalks turned into random parking lots limiting the pedestrian access to the whole area. The refurbishing process was to pedestrianize the whole area, removing all the old sidewalks, returning the center to its inhabitants. As all the enigmatic buildings, churches, medieval houses or monuments were raised with travertine, the new intervention is planned with the same calcareous stone, that always was present in the city’s subsoil. The departing point is to cover the Central Square (the most relevant part of the project) using a tessellation of travertine. The proliferation of this tiling arrives to the streets and minor squares in different phases of the project. The irrigation system is uncovered intermittently across the pedestrian ways and eventually opened in bigger sections so children can play as if they were in front of a puddle of water. Re-paving the city center opens a new pedestrian area and corresponds to a part of Banyoles in which the traces of the medieval age are still present. In fact, the urban planning at the historical center shows up as a sequence of squares.  Most of these names are given due to the buildings to which the squares give access (mainly churches and museums). The project restores circulation of people and water through the old town of Banyoles, giving them back the itineraries they occupied originally.

01/24 - Banyoles old town public space