Annexa – Joan Puigbert School


  • 2013 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award - Finalist
  • 2011 Aplus Architectural Awards - Winner project
  • 2011 Girona Area Architectural Prize - Finalist

The street building was completely in use. However, the perpendicular one was in great deterioration, especially in the structure. Generalitat Education Department’s programme was to increase the number of normal classrooms and specific ones as well. That meant building its correspondent extra space for other activities, such as a gym or a multipurpose room. The project proposes the demolition of the perpendicular building in order to achieve a complete continuity of the exterior space, from the pine forest in a higher level to the playground in the lowest area. The multipurpose room is integrated in this topography, in its longitudinal section. The coincidence of this added space on the terrain section with the main vertical access (interior stairs) allows to define and to discover a new space of visual connection between the existing building, the new gym and the outdoor playground. The stairs are left hanging, free of the surrounding concrete slabs, and are connected to a new vertical space, linked at the same time with the multipurpose room and the playground. Instead of putting the entire necessary programme in a new building, the existing building is refurbished with only normal classrooms, while the new one has the special ones. The new volume will be the new entrance of the centre, with stairs and lifts, apart from a natural access to the playground. A small tree covered outdoor space enhances the idea of the access.

01/37 - Annexa – Joan Puigbert School