Andorra Telecom HQ

  • International competition, 1st prize WINNER

The Cloud, the new building of Andorra Telecom, seeks to be the new architectural reference in Andorra, easily to identify by its shape that suits the topography of the city and the natural environment. At the same time, The Cloud seeks to be a reference in terms of architectural innovation and it will shape the desire of change and progress of the country. The building includes different programs inside its single volume. With a shape close to a circle, suspended in the air, it leaves the ground floor free and generates public space at its front and rear. A large indoor public space organizes the different programs and areas, both functional and spatially. On the ground floor the building frees the whole site to the city, while a level below the street, the auditorium and restoration activities are located. This represents one of the most important facts of the building in relation to the city as it acts with great generosity to the citizens. The perception of the building from the street is very important. Moving media and images will be changing the edges of the building, similar to what happens in Times Square or other urban intersections, while the two side facades are technological and communication spaces. The building aims to become an architectural landmark about technology and media.

01/24 - Andorra Telecom HQ