Alfasoni Center Barcelona

The Alfasoni Center in Barcelona was inspired by the already given structure of the old building. Defined by the Alfasoni’s dedication to musicality and creative expression the façade was designed to open up a space for modern and urban imagination.  The building, which itself merges three industrial workshops into one, is designed to provide space for music cabins, the warehouse infrastructure required by the store as well as an area for the visitor to investigate the latest music trends.  Opening and reconstructing the inside of the building allowed for the former industrial beauty of the building to show and to be revived.  By combining visual insight to the metal infrastructure of the inner systems, a mix of diverse industrial lightning systems and open brick walls in the barn like building, a open contemporary warehouse environment.  The design merges with the rough yet urban design of the Barcelona District 22@.


01/13 - Alfasoni Center Barcelona