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    M Arch. Josep Miàs Gifre

    Arch. Xavi Bas
    Arch. Marc Subirana
    Arch. Cristina Güemes
    Arch. Diego Pastoriza
    Arch. Miguel Hernández
    Arch. Adriana Porta Nobell
    Arch. Paola Idini
    Arch. Sara Idda
    Arch. Mónica Barrio
    Federica Bufano
    Arch. Silvia Brandi
    Arch. Enric Argemí
    Arch. Maria Chiara Ziliani

    Technical Responsible
    Tech. Arch. Carles Bou Bañeras

    Model Workshop Responsible
    Arch. Miguel Hernández

    Model Workshop Assistants
    Arch. Silvia Marcet
    Arch. Mónica Barrio
    Arch. Maria Comas
    Arch. Aida Fernández
    Arch. Hicham Filali

    3D Models
    Arch. Marc Subirana
    Arch. Rainer-Minaya Grant
    Arch. Enric Argemí

    Communications & publications manager
    Arch. Xavi Bas

    Lighting Project Responsible
    Arch. Pablo Martínez Díez

    Former collaborators
    Adela Framis, Spain
    Adriano Mura, Italy
    Alejandra Cortés, Chile
    Alejandra Vázquez, Argentina
    Aleksandra Polanska, Poland
    Alessandro Mattola, Italy
    Alfonso Abé, Chile
    Alicia Bramon, Spain
    Álvaro Velar, Spain
    Andrés Dejanon, Colombia
    Andreu Canut, Spain
    Angélica Fernández, Spain
    Angelica Riquelme, Chile
    Anica Bäuchler, Germany
    Anja Visini, Italy
    Anna Jané, Spain
    Anna Mallén, Spain
    Anna Mañosa, Spain
    Anna Trillo, Italy
    Anne Mottais, France
    Antonio Gregorio, Italy
    Antonio Ragnedda, Italy
    Aysenur Sencar, Turkey
    Baptiste Diehl, France
    Baptiste Marconnet, France
    Barbara Fachada, Portugal
    Blanca Rieder, Switzerland
    Carlota Martínez, Spain
    Caroline Savin, France
    Chiara Ricci, Italy
    Christian Giovanetti, Italy
    Clara Xiol, Spain
    Claudia Masieri, Italy
    Claudia Stolte, Germany
    Claudia Villamil, Colombia
    Crisant Romans, Spain
    Cristina Cattina, Italy
    Cristina Planell, Spain
    Cristina Rodrigues, Brazil
    Cristina Sanchez, Spain 
    Dafna Servadio, Israel
    Daniel Pastor Arellano, Chile
    Daniel Montes, Spain
    Danilo Lau, Italy
    David Agudo, Spain
    David Medina, Spain
    Davide Balestrazzi, Italy 
    Diego Romero, Ecuador/France
    Dimitri Davoise, France
    Diogo Fernandes, Portugal
    Dirk Bachstadt, Germany
    Donatella Marton, Italy
    Eduard Rossinyol, Spain
    Elena Alfaro, Costa Rica
    Elena Melis, Italy
    Eleonora Sucato, Italy
    Emanuela Scano, Italy
    Emanuele Stella, Italy
    Emiliano Armani, Italy
    Enzo Scicchitano, Italy
    Ezequiel Cataneo, Argentina
    Fabio Zampese, Italy
    Fausto Raposo, Portugal 
    Federico Mannino, Italy
    Federico Licini, Italy
    Fernando Gil, Argentina
    Francesca Frassetto, Italy
    Francesca Viganó, Italy
    François De Montgolfier, France 
    Gabrielle Giammelli, Italy
    Gabriele Mura, Italy
    Gerald Kappelmann, Germany
    Giorgia Cadeddu, Italy
    Giovanni Galdieri, Italy
    Graziano Brau, Italy
    Guillaume Burri, Switzerland
    Hélène Barbot, France 
    Hélène Silvy-Leligois, France
    Hervé Savioz, Switzerland
    Horacio Arias, México
    Imma Bofill, Spain
    Ines Moreira, Portugal
    Ingrid Alarcón, Spain
    Isabel Serra, Chile
    Janine Woitoshek, Germany
    Jelena Nicolic, Poland
    Joan Poca, Spain
    Jonathan Libermann, Uruguay
    Jordi Capella, Spain
    José Pedro Abé, Chile
    José Quesada, Spain
    José Ulloa, Argentina
    Josep Bellés, Spain
    Josep Puigdemont, Spain
    Judit Segura, Spain
    Juka Kankunen, Finland
    Julie Nicaise, France
    Laia Solé, Spain
    Lara Lupi, Switzerland
    Laura Pomesano, Italy
    Leonardo Masala, Italy
    Lily Martínez, Mexico

    Lluís Casanovas, Spain
    Luciano Rotoli, Italy
    Luís Carballeda, Panamá
    Mafalda Batista, Portugal 
    Mannick Eigenheer, Switzerland
    Marco Chirdel, Germany
    Margherita Chiappe, Italy
    María Cecilia Kesman, Argentina
    Maria José Herrero Álvarez, Argentina
    Maria Letizia Angius, Italy
    Maria Tapias, Venezuela
    Mariana Antia, Uruguay
    Marianne Villalobos, Venezuela
    Marika Leoni, Italy 
    Mario Blanco, Spain
    Marta Cases, Spain
    Marta Enguix, Spain
    Marta Mato Sabat, Switzerland
    Marylène Gallon, France
    Mauricio Galindo, México
    Nadejda Avramova, Bulgaria
    Néstor Morro, Spain
    Neus Caylà, Spain
    Nina Dorici, Switzerland
    Noemí Martínez, Spain
    Nora Araico, Spain
    Nuno Marques, Portugal
    Núria Codina, Spain 
    Núria Pey, Spain
    Oliver Bals, Germany
    Orlando Melo, Panamá
    Pablo Varesi, Uruguay
    Patrick Hitzberger, Switzerland
    Pedro Nadal, Spain
    Pier Francesco Lisci, Italy
    Piera Dore, Italy
    Pilar Martinez, Argentina
    Pol Agustí, Spain
    Raul Castaño, Switzerland
    Roberta Luna, Italy
    Roberta Scarpa, Italy
    Rosa Vilas Romalde, Spain
    Ryu Chul, Korea
    Sandra Lauret, France
    Samuel Martinez, Spain
    Sebastián de Iruarrizaga, Chile
    Sebastian Corso, Italy
    Sebastián Parra, Chile
    Silvia Garrone, Italy
    Silvia Lai, Italy
    Solange Dalannais, Chile
    Sonia Maia, Portugal
    Sophie Lambert, Belgium
    Stefania Ballero, Italy
    Stefania Carboni, Italy
    Stefano Delogu, Italy
    Sven Holzgreve, Germany
    Thomas Stellmach, Germany
    Thomas Westerholm, Finland
    Toni Durán, Spain
    Tiia Ettala, Finland
    Ugo D'Ascanio, Italy 
    Valentina Dazzini, Italy
    Victoria Ayesta, Spain
    Victoria Pons, Spain
    Xavi Rodríguez, Spain
    Xavier Blesa, Spain
    Xavier Ribera, Spain

  • Office profile

    Josep Miàs founded his own office in 2000, in Barcelona. It is specialized in architecture, detail design, urban design and planning, city development, landscape design, interior design, product design and branding and theming. Since its foundation, the office works have won several prestigious awards.

    The work in the office is intensely developed from the first drawing sketches to the design digitalization with the introduction of digital modelling and design, structural analysis and engineering in the aim of obtaining the best result. Some of the works that are better known are: Awarded Banyoles old town, Girona; Awarded Municipal Market in Barceloneta, Barcelona; Municipal Market in Rubí, Barcelona; Puppet Theatre in Tibidabo Amusement Park, Barcelona; Annexa-Joan Puigbert Primary School in Girona; Topographic House in Llavaneres, Girona; Awarded Pyrenees Club Golf in Fontanals, Girona; and iGuzzini Illuminazione Ibérica S.A. Headquarters, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona.

    Current projects

    Among other works, and with different scales, these are the most important buildings that are now in execution:
    · Pujades 22@ Plug & Play Office Building, Barcelona.
    · Single house in Besalú, Girona.
    · 20-Storey housing building in Torre Baró, Barcelona.
    · Pedestrian Bridge over the motorway in Palafolls, Barcelona.
    · Health Centre in Arenys de Munt, Barcelona.

    Josep Miàs
    · believes in quality of construction and surroundings as a contribution to the quality of life
    · believes that ecology and energy saving are fundamental goals
    · believes that equally excellence of design, successful execution and expert management are the keys for good architecture
    · embraces urban planning, landscape, architecture and product design with the same philosophy
    · fruitfully combines professional practice with academic activity all over the world aims architecture to be a formalization of an ambition
    · uses pioneering design solution from a technological and ecological point of view
    · trusts in a cosmopolitan team, working in an international network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


    Our designs and strategies always include recurring issues such as spatial context, built density, flexibility, mixed-use, phasing and transformability, which we regard as prerequisites for any sustainable approach. In order to develop tailor-made designs and strategies for a given project brief, we follow an integrative and research-based method, that reacts to the specific spatial, social, cultural, ecological and economical parameters of a given site.
    This integrative approach usually departs from a quantitative and qualitative analysis and visualization of various aspects of a site, such as urban space, infrastructure, transport, open space, population, densities, programme, nature, heritage, historic development, ecology, and climate. These parameters reveal the diverse qualities and potentials of the site. From there we evaluate various design options that result in a hybrid and complete design solution.

    Expert Network

    MiAS ARCHITECTS collaborates closely with clients and experts in temporary or permanent collaboration. In the course of time we developed a good relationship with experts from various fields. This interdisciplinarity enables us to generate a large knowledge of innovative design solutions already in an early stage, resulting in high degree of sustainability and economic efficiency, especially in later planning and construction phases.
    Thematic workshops with the client, the experts and MiAS ARCHITECTS are organized in parallel to the working process to achieve a higher degree of synergy. To avoid an isolated view, these reunions enable the analysis of project specific themes from various perspectives.


    These are our most notable clients:
    • AEFE - Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger - France
    • Aslan Construzioni, Catania - Italy
    • Bilbao Port Authority - Spain
    • Amposta Council - Spain
    • Banyoles Council - Spain
    • Barcelona Council, IMMB Barcelona Market Institute, REGESA, BAGURSA, Urban Management
    Barcelona SA, BSM Barcelona City Services, PATSA Tibidabo Amusement Park, BIMSA
    Barcelona, 22@ District, Regional Barcelona - Spain
    • Girona Council - Spain
    • L’Hospitalet de Llobregat Council, L’H2010 Private Council Society S.A. - Spain
    • La Floresta Council - Spain
    • Palafolls Council - Spain
    • Porqueres Council - Spain
    • Rubí Council - Spain
    • Sant Cugat del Vallès Council - Spain
    • Bancaja - Spain
    • CERN, European Laboratory for Particle Physics - Switzerland
    • Maresme Therapeutic Community - Spain
    • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
    • Miño - Sil Water Confederation
    • Arenys de Munt Therapeutic Community - Spain
    • Cooperativa Castello, Florence - Italy
    • La Salle School of Architecture, Ramon Llull University
    • Foundation Aziz - Senegal
    • Foundation Nam June Paik - South Korea
    • Catalonia Regional Autonomous Government, GISA Infrastructure Management, Education
    Department, Culture Department, Urbanism and Territorial Management Department, Dwelling
    General Office and Environment Department - Spain
    • Bayern Government, Official Construction Management Krumbach - Germany
    • Golf Fontanals de Cerdanya, Fontanals Esportiva SL - Spain
    • Grupo G3T SL - Spain
    • Grupo Mango - Spain
    • iGuzzini Illuminazione SpA, iGuzzini Illuminazione Ibérica SA - Italy
    • Mairie de la Ville de Colombes - France
    • Nussli - Switzerland
    • Solvia, Banc Sabadell - Spain
    • Wilhelmsen Ships Service - Norway

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